Monday, March 26, 2012

Music For the Night Train 3/26/2012

Music for the Show:: ( Samples from first show)
MUSIC For Todays's Show :

Music this week is by TruNDeed and Sanara. I know Sanara Pippins and she offered this song, as it's inspiring , hopeful, truthful. "Gotta Believe".

James Paige Morrison @JamePMorrison on Twitter has a wonderful CD "Son to the Boy" and you can order Here.
"Hope in Hard Times" by John Clark of @OccupyTampa

Music at the Start of the Show is by MamaShine 99%" For What it is Worth" ( remake/remix for the 99% of the Classic Buffalo Springfield song.)


Song by One Eskimo..:Amazing" from the UK
All Music played with Artist's Permission....

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