Saturday, April 7, 2012

Show #2....Dedicated to Trayvon Martin and MLK....

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This episode was recorded at MN last night Friday April 6th at MN, it features some new music sent to me dedicated to Trayvon Martin's family and also some Wisdom of MLK, RFK and Molly Ivins. If anyone wants to contribute music, or new music find me at@ Watergatesummer on Twitter . I hope to do one more episode later this month before I move and this one will be music I find to share that is Free and not a copyright issue. I am still experimenting with learning out to DJ....thank you for your patience....

Molly Ivins Fear Story (2.32)
RFK 's speech when MLK was killed.
MLK final speech

Music :::
"No Justice, No Peace" from Greenville SC (5min)
Tracee NYC "Change Gonna Come" (2.32)
Mamashine "For What it's worth" (4min)
Amazing One Eskimo ( new album coming out) (3min)

PROMOS::: 2min
Shane.....Talking Left
Tim.....Tim Corrimal Show
99 Report Promo too....( shanes)

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